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Hilda's Handbag Chatter

Do have something, anything you wish to write about Handbags, Purses.  Is there something that you wish to discuss, share:

Loves, Hates, Trends.....What you would like to see or wish you would stop seeing?

Let us know................ Let every know

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Hilda's Handbag Chatter

Hilda's Handbag Chatter

  1. What is more important to you when shopping for a handbag.
    Do  you go straight for the large bag on the rack? I know for years that no matter how large of a bag I would buy I would never have enough room. Do with my desire to always have everything handy, I just had to have a large bag. What started as just a need to have a handbag large to carry  my wallet (which of course was a clutch bag in itself) I also needed room to carry my checkbook, a pen or two, my lipstick, chapstick, some gum and some hard candies. One never knows when they will get a sugar urge.  Then of course I got carried away - nail polish incase my nail chipped.  Comb, brush, hair clip, blush, gloss,  then there is the cell phone and should I carry the charger? I could tell I was getting consumed with the what if's in life and that I should carry them in my handbag.  I finally did stop short of the kitchen sink, although the indentation that years of carrying everything in my bag left on shoulder shall forever haunt me!
     Tell us about your stories  and adventures with your handbag(s).
  2. So......... What's in your bag?
    •  Is it like the old addage "everything but the Kitchen sink?
    • Is it so heavy that your shoulder grows sore and weary after time spent shopping?
    Tell us what you carry as essentials
            Share Now
  3. It seems that any time there is a long weekend there is a sale?
    So what do you have planned for this long weekend. Is it another weekend of shopping - Sales for Presidents Day or Whatever your local store OR large Chain wishes to celebrate!
    How do you feel about sales for every occassion?
     DO you feel they are really sales ,?
    DO we need all these sales?
    Is anything ever a "REAL PRICE"?
    Let us and our readers know how you feel

  4. It’s Saturday morning and it’s hot outside! What to do on such a beautiful work free day?????   Why, head to the beach. Whether your favorite beach is at the ocean or the shore of a river or lake is there a better way to spend a hot day? So go ahead Call your favorite fun time friend and be on your way for an enjoyable day.
     Grab your beach bag and fill it up with your sun screen, beach towel, lip balm(Yes, your lips can sunburn also) a bottle of water or 2, a comb, grab all of your must have essentials and be on your way- Yes and put your cell phone in the side pocket so it’s easy to find.
     What are your must have’s for that Summer Beach bag?  Reply with your fav’s and see if you think of something that others forget. REPLY NOW!!
     Let see what makes this summer’s list most often: 

  5. Do you have something, anything you wish to write about Handbags, Purses? Is there something that you wish to discuss, share?
    Loves, Hates Trends.....What would you like to see or wish you would stop seeing in Handbags?

    Let Us know.  
    Let Everyone know!

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